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Whats in it for you?

I'll tell you about massage and express whats in it (massage) for you so you can decide for yourself if massage here at MyaTherapy is worth it to you. I receive my massages every 2 weeks/3 weeks if something crazy is happening in my life, however I don't go beyond that for the simple fact that my body responds better to every outside dynamic that I encounter, even my own thoughts and actions. I get off the table charged up, not rejuvenated, but charged up, not just"better", but charged up. When I get off of the massage table, my brain has been in the state of organization of information, so my thoughts are organized and filtered so I properly process new information. When I get off of the massage table, my muscles have been released of negative emotion from the fibers, my adrenals are now on chill status which reduce MY stress levels by 53%. 53% means by more than half. Most things that you do in life do not have those types of profit margins or ratios. When I get off of the massage table, I am excited and ready to dominate the rest of my day. My body has amazing things going on inside of it when I am on the massage table. I mean even my blood moves through my body better to the point that my body has to work less while my oxygen levels increase or improve within inside of me. The mindset is everything in the equation because if you have a negative attitude, you will get negative results, you have a great mindset about it, you will have great results. I have great results because my mindset is filled with greatness in expectations and knowing that what I am putting my body through is only going to put in a better position that when I started my day.

This is whats in it for you as well my friend. Nothing less.

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