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More productive       Decrease Stress by 53%      Save Time       Mental Clarity

You don't deserve to live in pain at any age

Don't be stuck living in the cycle of...

Muscle pain      Fatigue     Limited range of motion      Stress      Injury    


Move without pain at any age

Your body should help you not limit you, be in control of your body. 



We don't just care bout giving massages, we care about you, your body and who you are!

We believe in you!

  • Over 19K massages given

  • Over 19K peoples pain decreased or eliminated

  • Thousands of people living longer pain free

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Why people Resist Total muscle + mind transformation?

The biggest pushbacks we see are :

  • Financial

  • Luxury

  • Consistency


People think that after one Total muscle + mind transformation massage that they are going to be 100% better and that they're never going have pain again. So they come for 1 session with the notion that Total muscle + mind transformation massages are considered a luxury. In the area of finances, adjusting one or 2 bills or non essential payments allows you afford massage on a consistent bases. Anything you do in life, you have to do consistently! Consistency allows you to get better, consistency allows you to measure, (improvement, adjustments in something)  and make a habit ore decide if something needs to be removed. Consistency also allows you to eliminate the old bad habits by flushing out them out my moving in new and improved ones. 

Information for you

  When I was working at another massage company years ago, I was receiving massive amounts of complaints from clients who weren't satisfied with their massages, because there was break down in communication between the client and therapist. As well as their needs just not being met. Because of the clients complaints I was receiving I figured out how to eliminate complaints and create a better massage system that is more effective and better for the clients. I then decided to create MyaTherapy and begin my journey to better serve my community through massage in a more effective and productive way.

  MyaTherapy's Total muscle + Mind transformation massages are specifically designed for you. Our massages are structured using ur unique Proprietary Body Mapping System specific designed so you will feel improvements taking place in your body even before you get off the massage table. Your pain in your body  that  has been taking over your life, starting to make an appearance due to post or surgery or a recent injury will not be present like it was prior to our hands working on you. When you get off the table you will feel satisfied knowing that your massage was NOT a waste of time and you will be a better person than when you entered. 

  The MyaTherapy Body Mapping System is a process that we have created that is measurable from session to session that and from massage stroke to massage stroke while you are on the table. You will be able to feel and see the progress while it is happening to you. Our system bringing confidence to you mentally which transfers to your body and muscles.  This process is done no where else other than right here on the table with MyaTherapy. 


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