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While I was working for another massage company in 2009 I got sick and tired of clients explaining to me that they were tired of not having their needs not met and not getting a good massage from their other massage therapists. Their words inspired me to start MyaTherapy. So really I loved them telling me they were tired of not having their needs met. So in 2009 MyaTherapy came about. To serve people in the comfort of their home and help them get their needs met in the areas of  muscle pain, mobility issues, headaches, low back issues, hips, and neck through our MyaTherapy System and Process.



A lot of People ask and want to know what Mya means? Some think its named after a woman or girl or if Mya is the owner? However, Mya is the scientific term for "muscular" Myo means muscle. We believe that through our proven and studied method that you will feel lighter and more agile after your massage. Massaging the muscles isn't good enough, you must provide better muscular action. 



The Purpose of MyaTherapy is to SERVE others/YOU and provide you with tools in health so you can be the best versions of yourself as possible off the massage table based on the process we do with you while you are on the table.


We are big proponents of serventhood.





"Your health is the greatest investment you can have next to family."

Jason Thompson



When you schedule your massage please note

your massage time slot is specifically designed for

you, and we want to encourage you to keep that time slot locked in for you as well . Try not to have to move your session around to bring higher importance to other things. If your not taking care of yourself, you can't effectively perform or make the most out of the other tasks. Please also note that there is a 36hr cancelation fee of full price. Your time is important, and so is ours.  So please respect our time as well as YOURS by not canceling last minute prevents someone else from being able to have there body worked on. We do understand that things do happen and emergencies are inevitable, we are saying that you area priority. Don't neglect yourself because you are important.  

Once you have scheduled your session, you will receive a notification vial email as well as a text reminder 24hrs prior to your session. We can't wait to serve you.


We want to HELP you improve and better yourself and your life, however only if you want to HELP yourself. Only then can we add value to you. We can tell you all day long and share valuable info with you all day long, but if you are not willing to make the commitment and sacrifice then we can't HELP you and we do not want you waisting your money or your time! 

No B.S. Massage Treatements

MyaTherapy's No B.S. Treatments are specifically designed for you period. Our treatments are structured in specific detail so when you get off of our table, you will feel improvements taking place in your body, your pain in your body will not be present like it was prior to our hands working on you. When you get off the table you will feel satisfied knowing that your massage was NOT a waste of time. When you leave from our sight, you will be a better person than when you entered. 

MyaTherapy Body Mapping System and Process 

The MyaTherapy Body Mapping System and Process is a process that we have created that is measurable from session to session that and from stroke to stroke while you are on the table. You will be able to feel and see the progress while it is happening to you. Also bringing confidence to you mentally which transfers to your to your body and muscles.  This process is done no where else other than right hereon the table with MyaTherapy. 



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