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That therapist sucks!

I have been a therapist for 12 years now and it never gets old in this line of work. The average massage therapist last 1-4 years. So I'm like the Vince Carter (legendary basketball player who is playing in his 40's) of massage therapists. Have been in this industry for this # of years, I have seen a lot but more importantly I have been able to study a lot, evaluate, take great note, measure massages and understand what it takes to be an exceptional massage therapist in this great industry. There are some key factors in what it take to be an above average massage therapist, I mean yes every one is different but there is definitely a standard. Here are the 9 essentials needs to being an exceptional massage therapist.

1. Longevity

2. Transparency

3. Method

4. Consistency

5. Scientific Approach

6. Deep knowledge of the body

7. Smile

8. Dynamic

9. Ego

These 9 areas provide not just well roundedness in the therapist but these 9 areas allow for the client/recipient to connect with the massage therapist and these 9 areas allow for trust to fully be present in the duo-dynamic. As I like to call it, cross your T's and dot your "I's"!

See, massage therapists can be very one minded in their delivery meaning that its usually their way or the highway. If you don't like there style then they are ok with not serving you or treating you. The great thing called an ego can get in the way of therapists being able to meet the clients needs and or expectations. Removing the ego can elevate the therapists ability to give the client not only what they may want but exactly what the client needs, even if that means referring them to another therapist. An exceptional massage therapist can diversify their approach not just to make the client happy, but to provide a different way to meet the clients needs that may entail making them feel more comfortable. An exceptional massage therapist can remove their ego when treating a client even if that means referring the client to another therapist who can help them better connect with better. I.E. having the clients best interest as the main priority.

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